Map & Navigation

Map by Jennifer Bennett; digitized + colorized by Ben Hunter.

Map: Click a location's icon to open its tour page. (Trees, Chinatown Gate, and Hing Hay Park icons are not linked. Map is not to scale nor north-south oriented; the waterfront is at the bottom, and some streets have been skipped to fit all sites.)

Site List and Map Legend (below): Use left-side links (with icon) to open that site's tour page. Use right-side links to open Google Maps to be routed to that site.

Access & Navigation Notes

Google Maps links may default to driving directions; be sure to change to your preferred mode of transport.

Drawn map is NOT to scale: Jackson Street between 8th and 12th is skipped to fit all sites.

Consider boarding the Seattle Streetcar at 7th & Jackson and riding it to 12th & Jackson. That section is all uphill and does not contain any tour sites.

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